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3Com 4500 switch firmware update

June 28, 2010

This is mostly for my own notes, but someone else may find it useful.

I used TFTP method to transfer file to the switch. I used Linux Fedora TFTP daemon to accomplish that.

File name Prefix / Suffix

s3n / .app = 4500 application software.
s30 / .btm = 4500 boot ROM software
s3p / .web = 4500 web file (HTTP management interface)
3comOScfg.def / .def = 4500 config file

<4500>delete /u s3004_01.btm
<4500>delete /u s3p04_03.web
<4500>detete /u

<4500>clock timezone PDT minus 7
<4500>clock summer-time PDT repeating 02 2010 March second Sunday 02 2010 November first Sunday 01
<4500>ntp-service unicast-server

<4500>tftp get 3com/
<4500>tftp get 3com/s3o04_02.btm
<4500>tftp get 3com/s3p04_03.web

<4500>boot boot-loader flash:/
<4500>boot bootrom flash:/s3o04_02.btm

and after rebooting the switch:

<4500>boot web-package s3v02_04.web main