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Brocade 6450, frustration

August 16, 2018

Well a company named Ruckus bought Brocade. Fine. Business world etc. I understand. They renamed Brocade ICX 6450 to Ruckus ICX FastIron 6450 or maybe just Ruckus ICX 6450. It is hard to find out.

To download an update for the switch is … not an easy job. To find the documentation is not an easy job either. These people from Ruckus did a bad job. BAD!

Took me about forever to discover what I was looking for. It is very simple:

• Autokey public key authentication is not supported.

and that line could be found in the documentation. I’ll try to attach it here, otherwise currently could be found after series of logins, password resets, etc at

Click to access fastiron-08030-adminguide.pdf