Step by step setup AeroHive WiFi bridge

November 6, 2019

AeroHive wrote not bad instructions in the link below. However, your bridge will not work no matter what unless you follow the small steps I wrote as an addition to their detailed instructions.

Aerohive Point-to-Point Mesh

  1. Create netowrk policy with ssid and wpa2 personal, setup password
  2. In the policy add the templates wiredhut and remotehub, set location for the remotehub
  3. Connect both access points to (could be the same) a network switch
  4. Manually for each access point dedicate a wifi1 channel, and set manually the power for wifi1 to max
  5. Deploy the network policy on both
  6. Disconnect the one dedicated to be a remote and connect it to PoE injector, without that injector being connected to anything but power
  7. Wait for the wireless bridge between the wiredhub and the remotehub to get up
  8. Access the dedicated one for remotehub, change the template from wiredhub to remotehub, and apply the settings
  9. Once the settings being applied to the remotehub AP, you can disconnect it from the PoE injector and plug it to a switch, which switch must be stand alone only, no network uplink besides the AP

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